Gold Coast Supanova 2014 - Cosplay Highlights 2

I’m glad Princess Batman made it into the video. But I am deeply disappointed by the lack of Deadpool…



Retina IIa for February 2014.

At The Spirited Goat café in Idalia, Townsville. Part of my “camera of the month” project.

The Retina IIa is a very capable little camera; easy to shoot and with a fine Xenon lens that behaves quite well in subdued light by doesn’t like the Townsville sun. Great for portraiture. 

More to come…

Camera - Kodak Retina IIa
Lens - Xenon 2/50, fixed
Film - Trii-X @ 200
Process - X-tol stock.

Also on Flickr - Neal, Kate, Me, Café.

Camera of the month for February - Retina IIa. Actually I took these in January. I shot very little in February.


I drive past the Townsville race-track every day and keep meaning to stop and take a photo the entry but on the occasions when I have the light has been poor. The Townsville sun can be harsh and the shadows deep. Then a local car dealership hung a banner on the fence at the right, which ruined the look of the structure. I have waited a year now for the banner to be taken down but it looks like it is there to stay.  Finally I have photographed the gateway and ticket office. 

While I was at it I turned and took the landscape photo looking across the car-park and the edge of the track to Wulguru and Mt Stuart. I live just below the centre of this picture.

This is part of my “camera a month” project. The camera for January was the Fuji GW690 III.

Camera - Fuji GW690 III
Fixed lens - Fujinon 90/3.5.
Film - Portra 160
Procss - Job kit


Australian Summer


10 minutes later


that’s pretty actuate of today’s weather actually… 

(Source: fireball-mudflap)

Queensland Wet

The heavenly view outside my backdoor :)

campbell newman
thank baby raptor jebus!

temperature has dropped 11 degrees in my room over the last few hours. 

can actually sleep now. 



It’s 35 degrees just in my room

and it’s only 10:30