It’s okay that you have better things to do. It’s enough that I get you sometimes. Once in a while. I know I’m lucky for that, to get you just a little.
so i linked this picture to my partner and this is the response i got…
i love him

so i linked this picture to my partner and this is the response i got…


i love him

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less than 30 words from him and my heart is hurting

Hell is
loving you in my sleep
and waking up alone.
A bit of advice for anyone who knows anyone in a long distance relationship

We know it’s fucking hard, we are aware of that fact every goddamn day, so instead of pointing that out to us - as well meaning as you may be - try saying something positive, like about the strength of our relationship, because otherwise you’re damaging the relationship we have with you. 

so i’ve spoken to my dad (lives 1.3k km away),

my mum (lives 4.2k km away),

my best friend (lives 15.2k km away), 

and my boyfriend (lives 16.6k km away)

today on the phone or via IM and have come to the conclusion that i need to move within hugging distance of at least one of these people if i want to maintain my sanity and happiness. 

A problem with long distance relationship is sometimes, when you’re having a disagreement, you have to wait 12 or more hours for a response… so you have all this time to stew on what you said and freak out about sounding insane and being unreasonable and whether they’ll just be fed up and leave you and wondering if they’ve already seen your message and are just ignoring you or if they’re really upset by it and fucking hell it just sucks balls! 

feeling melancholy and sleepless this evening… kaninchen was meant to come over this evening but hasn’t, which means unless he calls in early tomorrow morning, then i won’t now see him before he goes back to DE… and he’s down at his dad’s place, so no phone reception or internet, so I can’t even contact him. 

I kind of knew he was going to find himself unable to come around this evening, but it’s still a bit crushing. 

I want him to go back to DE, because that is where he’s getting to do exactly what he loves to do, and I know, as much as he loves his family, they really drain him and rely on him to do a lot more than they should while he’s here… so I want him to go back, but I just don’t want on an opposite side of the globe to him.


A very sexy man turned up on my doorstep last night with a single red rose :D

(Kaninchen is getting back this week)