this is a handy gif

this is a handy gif


in which the movie spiderman accurately represents comic book spiderman in sarcasm levels.

this is why i liked andrew garfield’s spiderman so much more than toby maguire’s. this spiderman could kick it with deadpool and sass wolverine and generally be a little punk.


Asian male apology game = tight.


Fox News talks about working mothers’ negative impact on their children. AKA “When Fox News gets so misogynistic that their own anchor is 1026% done with them.” [x]

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Actual Disney prince David Kawena

"Aw, David. I owe you one!"
"That’s okay. You can just date me and we’ll call it even."

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Summer Glau rehearsing for Serenity

I really love that she fights like a dancer.

i needa learn this

Well she was a ballet dancer so it makes sense. It’s beautiful to watch.

It’s kind of of interesting to me how many good film fighters came out of a dance background; Glau was a ballet dancer, Michelle Yeoh was in ballet before a spinal injury and Jackie Chan’s training was in Chinese opera before he went into stunt work (as did a lot of the other Hong Kong greats of his generation, like Sammo Hung).  Also, Zhang Ziyi.

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Sleepy little guy

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