feed time for butters. 

she is getting long now! 
hard to believe that shes only just over a year old 

she still has a lot of growing to do before shes at breeding size tho 

I would die for one of these

Kali has me really well trained

He’s always had trouble grabbing pieces of mango, because he gets too excited by it and it’s too soft and not held together enough for him to handle it without it falling apart all over the place or being mooshed into the floor… or he bites me, or the fork it’s on… 

So, now when I offer him mango, he simply opens his mouth and waits for me to put it in. 

I’m seriously not kidding, 

He is so smart and so spoilt. 

I love him.



I’d be really interested to see what the costs would be if every single family bought the same things in the same quantities.

I presume the dollars shown are USD. If so, we spend about $130 a week on food. There are only two of us. We live in North Queensland, Australia.

BTW the Australians in this are huge. I understand we have overtaken the US now as most obese nation.

We’re still #5, Mexico is #1 with USA coming in at #2, then NZ, Chille and us. #5 is still WAAY too high on that list for my liking though.

Not counting insect for the lizard, which hopefully very soon i’ll be able to stop buying so frequently, I probably spend about $43 a week on food, probably less… it’s about $30 a week for my usual organic produce and then the other stuff i get from woolies. I bit of that goes to the insects and to the lizards too. More if i’m cooking for guests one week. (in US dollars, that is)

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Feeding today:


Mars - 1L
Kain - 1L
Light - 1L
Kalki - 1M
Squall - 1L
Terra - 1L
Spira - 1M
Tier - 1M 1L
Vaan - 1L
Lightning - 1L

4 - 2
2 - 2
1 - 5

Of the baby eggs, 1, 2 and 4 are so far the eating stars, but they are all surprisingly calm and tame considering how tiny and new they are. 

Will offer them all more food later this arvo too. And the adults, and do some weighing too.


Wayne does love a tasty cricket!

i miss my froggy; mr ryuichi sakamoto 

I’m sure going to bed without dinner isn’t actually good for you, especially when you have work in the morning, but I am sooooooooo tired.

do not want to eat, only sleep. maybe i should force down some fruit. too hot for hot food. 


Holy crap did you know porcupines sounded this cute? I didn’t! 


aw awww!!!!!!


aw awww!!!!!!