For everyone I’ve seen lately saying “I want a show with _____.” I just thought you should know that there’s a show out there that’s probably already done it.

someone come over here and cuddle with me and we’ll order a pizza and watch this please

God I had actually forgotten how awesome this show was.

This is one of my favorite shows of all time and I am saddened by the lack of people that know what it is. Legit been watching this since it was on Cartoon Network almost 10 years ago.

I… actually might have to watch this… haven’t really been into Anime since I was a teen, but I was always interested by the ads I saw for this, and now with this write-up… 

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Garden of Words (言の葉の庭) - Four Seasons

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miyazaki does beautiful water


Pretty sure this is the best set of pics I’ll ever see on tumblr, it’s all downhill from here

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i like firebending most too

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