The Killing Tree.


The Killing Tree.

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Here he is in my backyard. I may have creeped my new neighbors out a bit by dragging him across my yard, but I suppose they had to find out somehow




I sometimes forget that Death is a female (who’s in love with deadpool) in the Marvel universe.

Poor Thanos trying, so hard. It’s hard to compare to Deadpool though srsly.

i ship it

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Done by Chiara Bautista.


Done by Chiara Bautista.

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800 long-dead babies found in septic tank by home for unwed mothers

That place would have to be haunted… also, a good little rant at the end of the article attacking anti-choice supporters and those who look down on the poor.


Some ossuary gardens and coffins that I sell only locally! (I need better pics.)

Anonymous said: No offense, but this whole "vulture culture" thing is sick. Would you take human remains and make cheap taxidermy from that? No. That's disrespectful for the deceased. If you love animals so much, let them and their remains rest in peace.




No offense? 

You’re very much entitled to your opinion. But don’t tell me what is and isn’t disrespectful in your disgusted and hateful tone. You know what is sick? Trophy hunting. Fur farming. People who don’t have respect for life both human and animal.But those of us who take uncared for, forgotten remains and honour them are not “sick”, and taxidermy is certainly not “cheap.” The majority of us are loving pet owners, some of us vegetarians, and all of us are people who revere life as well as death. We genuinely care about the things we find, and the work that we put into processing and creating art from it is telltale of the passion behind it.  

And FYI, I would totally be okay with someone keeping my remains around instead of being left to rot and disappear beneath the earth. And if I had a chance to own human bones, I would.

So please, take your hateful views and lock them in your head. And while you’re at it, click the unfollow button. Because I don’t understand why you’re even on my blog.

I might be an outlier, but I think it would be genuinely cool to be a part of an exhibit like Body Worlds after I die.  :B

Honestly, though, what is this person on about?  Unless they are completely vegan, I fail to see how they even have a leg to stand on in regards to this message.  It is realistic to say that vultures and taxidermists probably love and respect and honor and want to learn about animals more than the general population.

If you don’t stop and move dead animals off of the road for a proper burial, then it doesn’t make sense to judge people who not only move them from the road, but who also seek to make something beautiful from their remains to remember them by.

What’s a body? Some meat, some bones. No one there. What’s to respect in that? The person, the animal, the sentient being, has left. The body is a piece of detritus. Litter. If someone can make something that communicates beauty and inspiration to even a single person from a dead body then I applaud them. The body is a discarded wrapper. When I leave this body put it to good use. Organs for donation, mulch the rest. If you say any words say them for me and, more importantly, for your selves. Your Self. Don’t look for me in the 90kg of meat and bones I leave behind. But do play some good music. You know what I like. And serve margaritas. Margaritas ensure a good party. Oh yeah, and a bouncy castle would be good.
- take note